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View Diary: BGlobe: US pushes arms sales in Gulf to contain Iran (31 comments)

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  •  Hagel asking questions (3+ / 0-)

    of Bruns.  Wants to know if the US used the recent international conference that had both US and Iranians sitting around the table resulted in any initiatives betwween the two countries.

    Burns says, not so much.  Nothing real yet.

    •  Interesting stuff (3+ / 0-)

      Burns says that the US put a package on the table that would have helped them with their peacable nuclear development, but one that places any sensitive nuclear development materials offshore. This was put forth at six-party talks (Russia, China, Germany, etc.)

      US is trying some diplomatic efforts to bring people from Iran to the US for cross-cultural efforts to streghthen ties between the countries.  Burns began this by saying that the Iranian people actually have a positive attitude toward Americans.

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