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  •  In order (4+ / 0-)

    can outside groups still private spend money "on your behalf"? or attacking an opponent?

    Yes, but that amount spent is also considered in giving you a "fair fight" subsidy.

    Where is all of this public money going to come from?

    There's room for it in the budget.

    Why would any candidate not sign up for it, if they can get millions without fundraising and still have outside groups raise money on their behalf?

    If they think they can raise more the old-fashioned way, I suppose.  Lots of incumbents in AZ/ME have opted in.

    This would lead to the entire nation subsidizing cheezy TV ads instead of just a candidates supporters paying for them.

    Alternatively, this would lead to candidates being beholden to the entire nation, instead of just a candidate's financial supporters.

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