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    Because we know

    1.  Edwards doesn't have position that want to fix change things.  Are you at all paying attention.  Universal Healthcare Plan, Energy Plan, Poverty in America Plan, Global Poverty Plan.

    Your statement makes no sense.

    1.  Who again is the pro-war person?  And what makes you think that the broader Democratic primary electorate doesn't want a gradual withdrawal from Iraq.

    Wierd thinking.  No wonder you don't want to bet.

    •  It's his... (0+ / 0-)

      rhetoric.  Not his positions.  He's moving toward "throwing sharp elbows and being angry."  That excites portions of the netroots.  It has the effect of pushing away voters who weren't already with him, generally.  (See, e.g., the Dean campaign, which failed in no small part because of the "get on board, we're the best!" rhetoric.)

      Edwards has near universal namerec already among the Democratic primary electorate and can't seem to get traction beyond his firm 10-12% in national polls.  That's a serious problem for him.  Unlike say, Richardson, it's not "people don't know who I am," which is an overcomable problem--it's "people know who I am, but like someone else better"--that's a much harder problem to overcome.

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