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  •  I appreciate your views. (1+ / 0-)
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    Liberal Thinking

    However, I think the message in your diary is bigger than me or you.  I thinks its very important that it gets out.  I want it rec'd even if it means you have to copy and paste this boy again tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, I do not think there are going to be enough people left today to rec it.  Is it against Daily Kos rules to repeat a diary so that a wider audience can view it?

    •  It Will Come Around (0+ / 0-)

      Studies show that recommended diaries come up from all different times of the day. When the traffic is light, the diary stays on the front page longer. When it's heavy, there are more people looking at it per minute. It may end up on the list in the middle of the night, but then it tends to last longer because fewer diaries come up to knock it off. The main thing that gets it on the list is that people like it.

      I should be so popular.

      So, I don't worry about it.

      Of course, if I'd left work a little earlier....

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