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    Liberal Thinking

    ...and as I've said, they need to know that their credit with us is gone.  If they're willing to finally stand up, then fine.

    If not.... we'll just have to see if the Greens or Libertarians can be more reasonable.  It's not the ideal solution, but we'll do it.

    As much as they denigrate the left wing of the party... they can't win without us.  It's time they remembered that.

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      Corwin Weber

      I'd hate to have to jettison the small number of centrist Democrats to get a party that would work. :-)

      Democrats have to be smart voters. In many states, voting for the Democratic candidate is unlikely to change the results. If that candidate doesn't fit our views, we need to take our votes elsewhere.

      I know that a lot of Democratic politicians don't want to hear that. They want to think that they can scare us into voting for them no matter what just to keep the Republicans out of office. But the demographics are such that most voters can easily vote for an additional party or an independent without changing the outcome of the election. When we do that, we send a signal to the system about what kind of candidates we want and what issues are important to us. I frankly think that if you don't take the opportunity to do that when you can you are wasting your vote.

      I also think we need to use the primary process to push Democratic candidates to the left. It is very important to put up quality liberal candidates in those primaries and for liberals/progressives to back them and vote for them. There are certain Democratic Representatives who are on my black list for voting for the Military Commissions Act, and I plan to look for people who can challenge them in 2008 and support those candidates. I want their stupid vote to cost them money--or possibly their re-election.

      We can make a huge difference by being intelligent about how we work within the party and how we work on it.

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