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    My experience of living there is dated to the mid-90s but they always had, within a very orderly country some outlets for people who just could not conform. Christiania was a "free community" in the heart of Copenhagen years ago where people could still be hippies, design their own homes outside normal rules and regulations, etc. I suspect Ungdomshuet was given over to public use in the same way.

    Small countries in Europe have been overwhelmed by the change of a post-Soviet Eastern Europe and other changes - last time I was in Denmark, a peaceful western town had a Bosnian refugee camp. I think the rise of this fundamentalist cult is fueled by the resistance to the speed of change. It isn't like porn hasn't been there a long time, or tolerance for gays, even before legalized marriage/civil unions.

    It sounds like time for someone to translate Altemeyer's book The Authoritarians into Danish.

    Still the "sale" of a house already given away sounds like a political payoff to me. I hope it is investigated further.

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