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View Diary: OR-Sen: DeFazio beats Smith -- DSCC poll (130 comments)

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  •  Who says? (1+ / 0-)
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    "Numbers like these are getting him to rethink that original decision."

    Seriously.  Who says?  

    This sounds like wishful thinking by the DSCC, perhaps even leading spin to put pressure on Peter (not that he's the kind of guy that bends to pressure), not information from inside Peter's camp.  

    I'd really hate to see people put all their hopes on Peter, when it seems real unlikely that he'll run based on what I hear.  I'd love to see him run and win, but he's pretty happy in the majority now as a committee chair in a safe seat.  One problem I see is a lot of prominent liberals in Eugene, people Peter would probably respect more than the DSCC, think that Gordon Smith is a lot stronger a candidate than people on this site seem to think.

    •  Smith is a strong candidate. (6+ / 0-)

      I read everything I see on this site about Smith, and I don't recall reading anyone making a case that he is not a strong candidate. He's very strong. In fact, his re-election is a foregone conclusion unless an exceedingly good candidate agrees to take him on, and unless that candidate gets all the financial support we, the DSCC and anybody else can offer.

      "[S]omewhere within the total field of human knowledge, humanism still beckons to us as our best reason for having minds at all." - Clive James

      by Vico on Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 03:10:15 PM PDT

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      •  There is only a few (1+ / 0-)
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        Kitzhaber and Defazio. Maybe Bradbury.

      •  My sense of the netroots is that (0+ / 0-)

        a lot of netroots pundits think Smith is one of the best opportunities for a Dem Senate pick-up.  

      •  Did 2006 do nothing to (6+ / 0-)

        show that no candidate's re-election is a foregone conclusion.  Maybe Smith can be 2008's Allen.  Who thought Ciro would be sitting in the House after losing a primary to Hank C.?  Do we really need a list?  Senator Tester?  2006 may have been a Perfect Storm for Democrats but with Rove and Co. still sitting in the White House 2008 appears to be another hurricane season.

        They had fangs; they were biting people. They had this look in their eyes. Totally cold... animal. I think they were Young Republicans.

        by msstaley on Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 03:56:09 PM PDT

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        •  He won't be 2008's Allen (0+ / 0-)

          He's a genuinely nice and decent guy - not a "Macaca moment" in him, no noose, no stars & bars. 2008's Chafee - maybe - if the case can be made clearly enough that a vote against Smith is a vote for the greater good, despite the generally decent work he's done for Oregonians as a (R).

          •  Well, he could also be 2008's (1+ / 0-)
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            Burns.  There are just so many to choose from.  In 2010 I hope to be able to write that some Republican is going to be 2010's Smith.

            They had fangs; they were biting people. They had this look in their eyes. Totally cold... animal. I think they were Young Republicans.

            by msstaley on Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 04:37:10 PM PDT

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            •  Yep - (0+ / 0-)

              And don't get me wrong - I want a D in that seat. (Frankly, I want Kitzhaber in that seat, but know he won't go for it.)

              All a matter of strategy. Trying to suggest that Smith's like Allen ignores some pretty serious differences there that should inform how that race is run. The last thing in the world we need is some non-Oregon D-type to come in and try to install a campaign blueprint. Defeating Smith will take solid Oregonian work with a strategy nuanced to reality here - which is that Smith is generally well-liked and respected, is unlikely to have any skeletons in any closets, and works extraordinarily well with Wyden. It'll take some careful planning and positioning to get Smith out. Chafee's a much better model than Allen - but even then, there's differences.

              External folks coming in to try to run campaigns in Oregon has been done before. Doesn't work.

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