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  •  This isn't a cowboy movie (2+ / 0-)
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    DocGonzo, adrianrf
     I always hated it in the cowboy movies when the hero and villian would be shooting at each other and the hero would shoot the villian's gun out of his hand and then the idiot would holster his own gun and fight the villian with his fists. Usually almost losing his life but finally saved by his trusty horse or something!!!  That's why people like me cheered when Indiana Jones was confronting a big guy with a huge sword and took out his gun and shot him!  Srew this putting our gun, impeachment, back in our holster or off the table after we won the fight in the election.  Impeachment is the simplest Contitutional remedy for a criminal President.  If we can't gather enough evidence to convict George Bush we need to turn in our keyboards. i say it again, thei congress will get nothing done until it impeaches this President. No health care, no environmental progress, no troops coming home, no nothing!!!
      Waiting for the right time???? The right time was four years ago when he drug us into an illegal war based on lies. How many more troops have to die, how many families have to leave the Gulf Coast where they lived for generations, how many old people (like me) have to suffer without proper health care, how many finish the list.  Before Congress does it's duty to those people?  

    Everybody eats, nobody hits.

    by upperleftedge on Tue Mar 27, 2007 at 02:00:52 PM PDT

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