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View Diary: Updated 5:37 PM: RedState invited by Pentagon to report on Iraq (but Congressional auditors denied) (325 comments)

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  •  Fighting in the Air Force? (0+ / 0-)

    Bull shit.  I call total bullshit.  He may have been over there, but if he saw any bullets flying I'll kiss your butt.  

    •  Depends on the job (0+ / 0-)

      A lot of Air Force police provide convoy security. There's also Air Force EOD techs, truck drivers, civil affairs, pararescue, TACP, Combat Weathermen (And Weatherwomen), as well as combat rescue helicopters, complete with their pilots and crew. I think AFOSI does some work outside the wire too.

      Not saying the Air Force is all a bunch of badasses, most people in the Air Force stay out of danger, but not all of it.

      "War is the ultimate reality-based horror show." - Colonel David Hackworth

      by Hannibal on Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 11:49:22 AM PDT

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    •  Thirty USAF personnel have been killed in Iraq. (1+ / 0-)
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      Two of them women. We can safely assume ten times as many wounded. You might want to put on a heavy coat of lipstick.

      Thanks for slapping those hogs away from the trough.

      by perro amarillo on Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 12:43:30 PM PDT

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