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  •  Here is the Bubble Gum / Speeding Ticket story (2+ / 0-)
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    ALBUQUERQUE-August 18, 2005 - It was disgusting – but it wasn't a felony.

    A dental student who sent some chewed bubble gum along with a money order to pay a speeding ticket has been found innocent of two felony counts of mailing a threat.
    The wad of bubble gum was treated as a HAZMAT incident when a worker at the Santa Fe Motor Vehicle Division office opened the envelope. A note with the gum read: "Caution Touch at your own risk or use gloves. Ha-ha."

    An attorney for 24-year-old Rosemary Ho argued it was "the stupid act of a young girl," not a terrorist threat. The federal jury agreed.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Amy Sirignano had said the MVD employee did not think Ho's note was a joke and that the worker reacted "the way any reasonable public employee would."

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