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    You aren't familiar with Sam "homosexual acts between individuals are immoral" Brownback. He almost makes Bush look sane. Almost.

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      interpret that as you will :-)

      but y'know, even HE is right (or at least more active than most) on things like Darfur.

      No I'll never vote for the man - it's way crazy wingnut.... but does have a shred of humanity.

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        I know that when we talk about the other side, we are often tempted to praise their moderates and dismiss their hard-liners as fringe wingnuts.

        Brownback may be to the right of Bush on many issues such as abortion and immigration, but that doesn't mean he would be a worse president (though yes, I believe he would be very bad).  One can admire things about even a loon such as him or Coburn (who hates pork like I do).  On the flip side, we dislike Lieberman far more than Ben Nelson despite his overall more liberal voting record, because he repeats Republican talking points and is completely self-serving.

        Interestingly, I've seen some grudging respect on redstate for Russ Feingold based on similar reasoning.

        I can't find any admirable qualities in Bush.  He is a profoundly ignorant, callous man who only pretends to have convictions when it suits him politically.

        Seek first and final principles at The Mean Free Path.

        by Cream Puff on Fri Mar 30, 2007 at 07:58:30 AM PDT

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