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  •  Yes, change is inevitable (6+ / 0-)

    However, the kind of change is up to us.

    •  That raises a good question (6+ / 0-)

      In this business model, Kos is the owner, but are we--customers?  workers?  subcontractors?  In any of those roles, we can only control the change by being organized ourselves.  Moreover, given that there is a political push and pull here, most of the examples of self-oprganiztion I've seen here have been for purposes of that internal power dynamic among Kossacks.

      •  That's a fascinating question (3+ / 0-)
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        Powered Grace, lulusbackintown, inHI

        Just viewing it personally (heh heh, the topic of the diary :) , Most of the time I am a consumer of content.

        And it's quite often GOOD content, stuff I value, but, again, for me personally, I have to work to find it amidst a daily merrygoround of common themes and rants that simply have the day's "new news" as elements swapped out from yestrday's elements, and the day before's elements.

        That's way too simplistic a statement however, and often times, as well, there are days when extremely important analysis is done by a diarist along with the critical collaboration of commentors which together actually advances an understanding of the deep machinations of the political systems at work in the USA. I think on those occasions, and it's often, the result is a very realistic deconstructed "State of the Nation".

        There are times when I add comments which moves me from consumer to content-creator, in that it adds to the mix. And the mix attracts readers, writers, and advertisers.

        In terms of how well the various methodologies employed here for community filtration actually work to push up the most valued and insightful daily content vis-a-vis the redundant or less-compelling content, it's very unsatisfying. I think the collaborative editorial guidance provided by the Rescue Rangers is fantastic --- but I wish there was a way to have that system running more closely to real-time... though I know how hard that would be.

        By the time of the night when those "recommended" reads come through, the daily churning from delving into the Recommended Diaries has already consumed my time and energy.

        The dual system is as good as any I have seen, but the rescue rangers has always been an afterthought way to push up interesting content, with the primary filtration tool being the Recommends + Brand name awareness of authors.

        And yes, it is in that process that I see what you wrote and agree with you:

        most of the examples of self-oprganiztion I've seen here have been for purposes of that internal power dynamic among Kossacks.

        All of that said, I don't have a visceral feeling at all that I am visiting an online business here -- as I would say visiting "yahoo Answers". Yes, I see ads here, but that's okay -- even though I perosnally would like to see that damn Freedom Toast thing expunged -- it's annoyed me from the very start -- someone has the money to do perosnal promotion every single day -- now THAT's an overt business, and I would never patronize it because it's so clearly exploitative with its endorsements by helen Thomas or bill Clinton, but again, like with Welshman, those are my personal reactions.

        It would take way way more for this site to "feel" like a business -- so in that respect I ultimately feel I'm a consumer/content creator in a collaborative commentary site. And that's fine by me.

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