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    MissLaura, Welshman

    I agree with your entire first paragraph, but I also think it was inevitable as the site grew to the number we see today.  I think that is more an indication of a sickness in our culture than anything else, and how could the internet be any less subject to that sickness?  And yes, it is very ironic indeed.

    I recall being very impressed with one particular blogger, Steve Gilliard, I believe, who refused to go to any of the "blogger luncheons" that were arranged between liberal bloggers and politicians.  Again, I'm not absolutely certain of the details, but I believe he made some sort of statement that he didn't want to lose his impartiality.  I very much respected that view.

    I read the FP posts for information.  I look at the recommended diary list but don't always go first to those diaries.  I spend most of my time looking at the recent diaries and, of course, I have my favorite diarists -- that when I see their names as the author of the diary I will be right there reading it.

    I don't think Daily Kos is the be all and end all of internet communications.  Just as in one of my passions, science fiction, the "golden age" grew organically into the new wave and so on, changing every decade or so, I also think blogging will change as well and we'll see another new wave of communicating that will make what we have now seem antiquated.

    Because there'll always be folks who are pioneers and who want to change things.  And the rest of us will always be happy to join in once the bandwagon starts rolling.

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