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    since you are from Iowa, how much do you need to run a good statewide race?

    My guess is you could it for 3 - 4 million.  Is that about right?

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      I don't know how much a good field operation costs. That is worth more than a bunch of tv advertising (for the caucuses--for a primary, would be different).

      I do know that Dean outspent the rest of the field in 2004, but it wasn't enough. He had a poor GOTV strategy and poor tv ads at the end in Iowa, so I couldn't tell you exactly how much money was misspent.

      In Iowa it helps to have an army of volunteer precinct captains. Edwards and Obama will have them. I seriously doubt Hillary will. I know a lot of activist/volunteer types here, and none of them are going to be precinct captains for Hillary.

      •  The best precinct campaigns (1+ / 0-)
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        are the one's who you don't have to pay.

        It is, I think, Hillary's achilles heel in Iowa and to a lesser extent in NH.

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