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  •  From what I read about the incident (6+ / 0-)

    there were apparently some things that she could have done to protect herself that she chose not to (e.g. file more serious complaints, get a restraining order on him). And who knows, maybe they would have saved her life, or maybe they just would have kept her alive for a while longer until this monster found some other way to get to her.

    But that's not the point. What she or any woman does to protect herself from such men is their business and their business alone. But it is society's business to protect women so that they don't have to do it themselves. Or help them protect themselves when society can't. Not because they're supposedly "weaker" than men, but because men are statistically more violent than women. VASTLY more violent, and all too often murderously so. Of course, men can be and often are violent towards other men too. Which is why society (and not just the "system") needs to do more to prevent this--and to protect innocent people from such men (but especially women since they are clearly especially vulnerable to violent men for reasons covered in this diary).

    Stuff like this just sickens and saddens me, on so many levels, both because they are so despicable, and because they are probably far more preventable.

    So much for "compassionate" conservatism.

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    by kovie on Fri Apr 06, 2007 at 02:31:05 AM PDT

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    •  kovie, (7+ / 0-)

      in this case, alicia would have done more to protect herself, but she was under the impression that he was still in jail. she was never notified that he had been released on his own recognizance. she knew how violent he was. she told the police countless times that she was afraid for her life and the lives of her children. her mother wrote to the judge about the horrific beatings of the past that he had done time for. the prosecutor decided not to give the letter to the judge.
      alicia was not careless with her life or the lives of her precious children. the system failed her.
      you are so correct that it is society's business to protect women. i would expand that to protect every citizen, whether male, female, old, young, gay, straight. maybe it is time to let the pot dealers out of prison to make room for the animals who cannot get their violent instincts under control.
      i could go on and on, but i have not yet been to sleep, and i am utterly wrung out emotionally and exhausted physically. therefore, i will simply thank you for your excellent comments. just as any other disease, the focus on domestic abuse of all kinds should be prevention.

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      by nonnie9999 on Fri Apr 06, 2007 at 02:50:29 AM PDT

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