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    oh god, this is worse. So I was wrapping up some focaccia bread and I dropped one on the floor. Oops. Into the garbage, right? Except I figured I'd just cut the top off and keep the clean portion around for employees to snack on. So I picked it up, set it aside, and got going on wrapping the rest of them.

    Halfway through I was interrupted by a customer. When I came back, she had already wrapped up all of the rest of them, including the one that went on the floor, which I presume went to the shelf for a customer to buy.

    Hello, communication! A simple: Hey, were you doing this? I'll get it while you're helping the customer. would've been enough. I'd say: Thanks, well I dropped that one on the floor, so don't do it.

    Think you've seen all the liberal T-shirts? Think again - there's more!

    by OrangeClouds115 on Thu Apr 05, 2007 at 09:34:27 PM PDT

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