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View Diary: Democrats Firm in Not Seeking Impeachment of the President (187 comments)

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        You want the Democrats to give up.  Why?

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        They shouldn't give up.  However, if they attempt to impeach now, and fail...then what did they accomplish...I don't think the Public will allow us to attempt to impeach him multiple times.

        So we've got one shot.

        Continue the investigations.  Impeach when we have the votes to remove.  We need 17 Republicans, or 16 and Lieberman.

        We don't have the votes.  

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          Simplify, CTLiberal

            You seem to contradict yourself.  You want them to try, but you don't want them to impeach, because they might fail.  We won't have the votes to impeach until we are committed to impeachment.  There's no pressure for Republicans to vote for impeachment now.  Congressional Democrats have to create the pressure.  Now that they are in the majority, they have no excuses.

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            I doubt very highly they are not going to vote for Impeachment on the current evidence or public support.

            Without more investigation or more support for impeachment, it would be pointless to try.

            We need to be the ones getting the public support, not Reid and Pelosi.  They need to investigate, and if they call for impeachment they will hurt thier own investigations.  The only point of the investigations is to build more public support for impeachment.  I have no doubt that Republican Senators will stare a crime in teh face and still vote to acquit.  Only when they feel the public is forcing them will they vote to remove.

            Impeachment needs to come from the bottom up.

            I just wrote a diary on the topic:

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