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View Diary: Democrats Firm in Not Seeking Impeachment of the President (187 comments)

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    I agree with you.  I think coming out in favor of impeachment by the Representatives and Senators is a bit premature at this point.  

    None of those quotes rule out impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors" the Bush administration is currently committing, just the stuff none of us like that he's already done.  And as KagroX points out, impeachment is likely the only remedy Congress has for and Executive branch that won't cooperate with subpoenas.  But what seems to be missed is that it's also likely the only route that will actually net the 16 or 17 Republican Senators needed for conviction.  And in order for it to work, it can't seem like the Democrats are baiting the Administration by aiming for impeachment from the get-go.

    After all, there's not much Republican and Democratic Senators are both going to agree to on principle, but we might be able to sell them the idea that no Administration should be allowed to pick and choose the bipartisan Congressional subpoenas it will answer.

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