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  •  Lessons to learn from the great deflator (2+ / 0-)
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    RickWn, rickeagle

    I have said for years his voice is to whiny to match his "hero" persona. It isn't really a fair criticism, but idiot swing voters are incredibly fickle, and stuff like that matters in a national election.  So he doesn't have the charisma, the speaking ability that can carry a candidate. All he had was this maverick BS, and a pile of erroneous media making him sound like he wasn't a right wing nut.  Now that's going, going, gone...and he's deflating like a child's balloon.

    I think it's instructive for democrats to see this--you can have the ultimate "war pedigree" and a relatively friendly press--and still fail, if you don't have a charismatic candidate who can, at least when it counts, speak boldly and show leadership.

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