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View Diary: President Carter: White House Ordered me not to Visit Syria (197 comments)

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    If he does intend to actually pursue substantive negotiations, he should get permission.  If we wants to pay a personal visit to his old friend President Assad, then no one can stop him, but he shouldn't try to negotiate over the president's objections (even if the president is a moron).  

    Seriously, consider if the roles were reversed and a Democrat didn't want a Republican ex-president to go; I don't think there'd be anything wrong with that.  

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      rsquire, CTLiberal

      What I am saying is that the statement that he was "ordered not to go" cannot possibly be true.  He may have been told that he is not authorized to speak for the US government and that any "agreements" that he may make are just between him and Assad, but he could not have been stopped from going.

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