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  •  "Framing" from repulsive to familiar (0+ / 0-)

    "Just the term "framing" sounds repulsive to some members of the reality-based community."

    I suspect that the concept of "framing" is considered a rigorously supported principle among scientists in communications and cognitive scientists. Perhaps your repulsion is related to the one that many physical scientist feel toward the social sciences? At least I have found that to be the case in my own development as a scientist.

    I have found understanding framing to be helpful in my work. I am often in the position where I go to an audience that is prepared to hear a talk on "how you can make more money" and I am there to give a talk on "how your business can be friendlier to the environment." My job is to get my message across while delivering the talk they expect. If I go outside their frame, I have no impact or even a negative impact.

    Having experienced success with the framing model, I'm convinced that it is scientific. It makes specific testable predictions that are highly repeatable. Parts of the mechanism are known. Suddenly the formerly repulsive concept fits nicely in my familiar and comforatble frame!

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