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View Diary: The Patriot Act Is Being Used Against Us (231 comments)

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  •  All of which might lead us to believe (3+ / 0-)

    that if George W. Bush hadn't existed, they would have needed to invent him.
    "They" being neocons and other ultra conservative extremists.  Think about it.

    They needed a not-too-bright, addictive, rigid personality with narcissistic tendencies that could be stoked to produce messianic near-meglomania.  Someone who had a history of failures and who hated his father.  And then they hired Rasputin Rove who told him, "I can make you King Of The World.  Better than your father ever was."

    I had always wondered why they didn't chose Jeb Bush, who was brighter and more "normal".  But Jeb's very normalcy and average intelligence ruled him out.
    He might also possess a modicum of compassion, which would never do.

    Rove & Company have tried to engineer a complete overhaul of the Justice Department, which, I think, was done to ensure that a Democrat would never regain the White House.  Or, if one does in 2008, his/her downfall would also be ensured via Justice, thus paving the way for another George--or, at that point, maybe even Jeb.

    Hello, Brave New World.  

    To God: Please stop talking to George Bush. Too much is being lost in translation.

    by miriam on Tue Apr 10, 2007 at 02:58:39 PM PDT

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