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  •  Okay, I'm a tad late responding here, but (2+ / 0-)
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    Erevann, rage

    have to do it anyway.  I agree with you that there are many conservatives who are good, honest, straight forward people who simply happen to have really wrong opinions.  I know many of them.  And were it not for some odd quirk in my brain preventing me from accepting all I was taught, would be one of them.
    But I truly do not think anyone actually working For Bush or this admin can possibly be one of those honest but sadly mistaken folk.  They have to be seeing too much dishonesty, lieing, cheating, etc. happening right around them to be able to continue working for him if they are honorable people themselves.  Which leads me to conclude that anyone willing to be the public face for this admin has to have some basic and fundamental flaw in their character, and is deserving of no respect or sympathy, regardless of what difficulties their work for him creates for them.  Then again, I can't help but respect anyone who is a bit more forgiving and understanding than me.  

    •  Glad you came back... (0+ / 0-)

      and did respond. :)

      While I enjoy talking with those who agree with me, I find it much more useful to have discussions with the folks who don't necessarily. You know, preaching to the choir can get old pretty quick! hehe

      On that note, I've got to say you've got a really good point there. At present, I can't see how anyone but the most willfully blind, could continue to be ignorant of the rot and corruption of this administration. That very point actually, willful ignorance, was one of the biggest factors of this admin, that 6 years ago motivated me to get involved in all this in the first place.

      I have a habit of playing devil's advocate, sometimes without even really intending to, and that's pretty much where I've been at in this thread. Mind you that's not to say I've been insincere though, I do tend to be a little too forgiving sometimes. Blame my mom for that one! ;)

      I find a lot of enjoyment in simply the debate itself and seeing people rise to the challenge. IT keeps us all sharp and in practice for those times when it really counts. I'm continually impressed at the ability of most of us here on DKos. It's good to see. Discussions such as ours here, keep me coming back and doing my own small part in keeping the community going.

      So again, I really appreciate your taking the time to come on back and respond. Stay strong my friend! :)


      "níl síochán gan cheart"

      No justice, no peace

      by Erevann on Wed Apr 11, 2007 at 02:28:41 PM PDT

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