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  •  Awww, did I bore you? (0+ / 0-)

    Too bad! I'm calling out your hypocrisy. Greedy? I already told you I don't profit off of anything companies or artists make. That sounds more like you: profitting off of information so a privileged few can live large. What the fuck is liberal about that?
    If your beloved celebrities want to make money, which they have plenty of, they can do concerts and tours.
    Utilizing our gifts? It's more like giving corporations dominion over our culture. Ever heard of the "culture industry"? It's sad that our dreams have to be connected with Corporate America, which has commoditized our lives so much.
    Don't give me your shallow, spineless garbage about how much you care about the betterment of society when you don't mean it. Madison Avenue and Hollywood have you ringed around their diamond studded fingers. You're just as bad as the Republicans. Have you ever watched MTV's Cribs? Those multi-millionaire recording artists sure are suffering because people want to share their mass produced music for free. The same goes for other media.
    People will pay for the initial products, of course. If these products are hard to find, then collectors will surely scramble over them.
    My point: it's too bad that people like you can only appreciate creative works based on their money-value and that you care more about how much money the corporations make than anything else.
    Yes, there's a few people that genuinely pirate the hard work of artists. Those jerks that engage in piracy are just like you: profit above people.
    You still haven't addressed the fact that the RIAA is a monopoly that strong arms musicians into selling their music under their name. The RIAA dominates the American music industry. It doens't appreciate creativity or music at all!
    Once again, it's seems like you only care if the RIAA is collecting royalties, not if our society has freedom of information and love for creativity for its own sake divorced of the market.

    •  Four things: (0+ / 0-)

      One: You pompus little shit, you have absolutely no right to assume anything about my intentions for doing what I do.  I have endured great hardship and have undertaken GREAT risk to champion art - to champion artists.  Motherfucker calling me a hypocrite?  You aren't worthy of wiping my ass.

      Two:  You don't have even an idiot's understanding of  what the RIAA even does.  Go back and sample through the posts. Jesus.  Pretty much every label is a member of this organization - an organization that enforces existing laws to protect the rights of its members.  RIAA Label is about as accurate as Liberal Media.  

      Three: Who lives fat?  There is a lot of money, but you are disillusioned and misinformed if you think it is consolidated around a few.  I pull 20 points.  But, you know what?  That's my artists funding the lean fighting team I have to offer him my service.  (And, my service, regardless of your comprehension, is a vital and difficult to obtain).  And, the musicians?  You think they are getting fat?  Comfortable, but that's not a crime, Robbin Hood. Who do you think pays their band?  Their road crew?  Jesus, you are warped and angry, which brings me to point two:

      Finally: Dems aren't anti-capitalist wingers.  You have so described yourself as such.  Not a Dem, you are a 100K+ UID green freeping anarchist troll.  

      Madison Avenue and Hollywood have you ringed around their diamond studded fingers. You're just as bad as the Republicans.

      Yeah.  Rich. The same kind of anarchist as the rest of the anti-Capitalist, anti-American, anti-Democrat scum who insist on stealing intellectual property even knowing it is a crime because there are victims.  


      "Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor." --Sholem Yakov Rabinowitz

      by Back in the Cave on Sat Apr 14, 2007 at 12:21:13 PM PDT

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      •  You've got to be kidding me. (1+ / 0-)
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        1)Pompus? Ha! Look at your own responses! You ride the backs of people who actually have talent and all you care about is a fucking paycheck! And yet you act as though you speak for the art world in general and you produce none of your own! Get over yourself.

        2)The RIAA is a trade group. 90% of recorded music is made and distributed by the member companies of the RIAA. They also collect royalties and administer licenses. They represent the recording industry. I know that.
        Did I mention that P2P file-sharing is what you would call a disruptive technology? Of course the RIAA hates it because it deprives its member corporations of sales. In particular, the "Big Four" (EMI, Sony-BMG, Universal Music and Warner) pretty much dominate the sales of music CDs and are all RIAA members. The musicians can make money without these CD sales or these companies if they wanted to.
        Basically, the RIAA has a monopoly on music distribution. It's not so much about protecting the musicians, who it takes advantage of, but making money off of CDs. It doesn't appreciate creative works, but lives to make money. It doesn't want the cash cows to run dry.

        3)The musicians that win the heart of the RIAA live fat, indeed. Any struggling musicians that are lapped up by they companies will more or less live large too. Modern music in general is so mass produced and centalized nowadays. Here in Olympia, a lot of musicians make money by holding concerts or shows. Nothing to it!
        I'm sure you work hard to make money off of someone else's talent. It's fun to exploit people, huh? No wonder you love the RIAA.

        4)Have you ever heard of a Creative Commons? Perhaps not. Or the free culture movement? Probably not that either. I'm sure you find public education and universal health appalling since, you know, companies aren't making money. God forbid people get free education and health care! Likewise, it's the end of the world if information is free! Yes, music is information.
        I already explained to you that I know the differece between piracy and filesharing. They're two different things. Piracy means you make a profit off of another person's work or take credit for their work. Most of us who use P2P filesharing aren't doing either of those things.
        Yes, my sharing the song "Yellow Submarine" with my friends deprives Ringo and Paul of royalties. But inversely, my friends and I aren't making any money either. Isn't it nice that we can share a song we like and no one gets hurt? At least we can appreciate the artistic value of "Yellow Submarine" rather than getting anal over who makes or loses money. Ringo and Paul can rest assured that people still love their music! Sure, the RIAA loses money but that's all they care about.

        No, I'm not a Dem. I haven't been a Dem for years. I'm disgusted with how they've become Republican-Lite and have been cowardly and incompetent in the face of Republican opposition. They fold like a card table every time the conservative movement attempts to paint them as traitors or otherwise. People like you have shown me how shallow and morally bankrupt the Democratic Party has become.

        Have you ever heard the quote "Property is theft."? Think about it.

        I already told you that I'm sorry for calling you a troll. I can promise you I'm no troll. I'm here to discuss politics with like minded, genuinely progressive people. You're not one of them.

        Anti-American? It's hard not to be when you see how backwards and fucked-up this nation has become. I used to believe in this country, but with all the lies, corruption, war and our ever-so tainted history it's hard to love this country at all.

        I am indeed anti-capitalist and I have no qualms about it. It's too bad that you believe property rights are more important than human rights. Why the fuck do you even claim to be progressive? You're more center-right than anything else. You must be one of those DLC hacks.

        Unlike you, I respect the right artists have to produce whatever they want without fear of censorship. Likewise, I support their right to be creative without interference by the market. I support their right not to be taken advantage of by creeps like you.

        My political sentiments are very close to anarchism. I'm a member of the Green Party of South Puget Sound, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, and Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation. Unlike you, I do believe in freedom from both the government and market.

        I'll pass your offer to eat shit because I've had my fill with you.

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