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    As a family we've been thru too much to be smiled our way out of the hospital without knowing what's going on. It's just that many who have aging parents may be hitting this for the first time. They don't understand that their mom or dad are expendable.

    There is something you can do if you find yourself in a situation where you credibly believe your loved one is being shunted out and in real danger. I learned this from a patient advocate for the Division of Aging and Family Affairs in our state.

    You call the hosp. admin. and tell them you want a Notice of Non-payment. That stops everything in it's tracks. It calls medicare to investigate the problem and they will not pay the hosp. untill the investigation is resolved.

    As I said, this has to be a situation where there is real danger to the patient if they are released. We had to use this once and it was amazing how fast the wheels got greased to help mom.

    Shut it down is so yesterday. Now it's time to FIRE IT UP!

    by high uintas on Sat Apr 14, 2007 at 08:46:40 AM PDT

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