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  •  Gonzo is not Imus (10+ / 0-)

    He's a means to the truth here, not the end game at all.
    Firing Imus (according to the bubble-headed MSM narrative) made everything OK in America once again. Racial epithets are now a thing of the past...

    But Gonzo is not the root of this evil.
    I, too, have nothing to do but watch C-span and blog on Tuesday (well, there's gonna be a lot of fresh snow, but...) and I will enjoy watching my senator flay the weasel who put lipstick on the Torture pig, took a shit on my right to privacy, and makes me ashamed I even speak Spanish, but he is NOT the driver of this or any other crime in Bushland.
    He is just another worker bee.

    Keep digging, keep writing, keep focused, and keep track.
    We're going to get our country back, I do dare hope.

    oxymorons: "corporate citizen", "President Bush"... OXI-moron: Rush Limbaugh

    by kamarvt on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 01:22:03 PM PDT

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