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  •  Significance of 8 "firings" of US attorneys (0+ / 0-)

    Hey Alberto,why the sticking to 8 changes? Why not 9?

    Look at how the number stayed at 8.

    Earlier in the process, 8 replacements were rounded up and prepared to take the positions.

    One of the 8 originally scheduled for removal was Biskupic, apparently for the "truly "weak" rating by the DOJ internal review of performance.

    But in 2006 at the end, he was delivering the highly partisan suspect prosecutions the partisan Bushies wanted to embarrass their foes.

    Then the Iglesias/Domenici dust up just before the election.

    The worst one stays while  the number 4 or 7 according to the charts gets axed????

    The e-mails, even in their partial state and full of missing numbers show Biskupic was useful enough to put him back on the active player list and substitute Iglesias.

    This doesn't make sense unless the 8 trustworthy partisans were ready to go and it seemed the one slated for Biskupic's position went to New Mexico instead.

    My speculation of course, but if you do the logical inference, the forensic dissection , they had a proven hatchet man in already, they wouldn't have gained anything and so they switched their partisan into New Mexico and left the weakest of the USa's Biskupic in place for playing along.

    They were nervous about the Senate ( Rep/Dem) ratio getting closer, and possibly not confirming easily or at all as they had in 2001 to 2006, so they snuck in the extension and workaround deep in the pages of the Patriot act at  midnight in Spector's office on the confirmations of US'Att's.

    "Someone has to be the first drop of rain" Taslima Nasrin

    by Pete Rock on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 11:09:26 PM PDT

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