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  •  That show today was all about, (1+ / 0-)
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    making excuses for going on that show all these years.  Everyone at that table went on the Imus show repeatedly and pushed their cohorts with the exception of Gwen Ifill, i.e. from Imus "the White House cleaning lady", and Clarence Page only once or twice, but was so outraged that he made Imus publicly state he will never use racist statements again, well what good was that.  I can not remember John Harwood from WSJ, but Russert was a STAPLE supporter or Imus.

    Now they are sitting around trying to weasel out of why they just gave Imus a "pass".  What was it?  Cool to be on this "edgy" a.k.a. "racist/sexist" show?  That they could for a few minutes of the day, just "go with it"?  Or was it about pushing their "workplace name" or their "book, article, column"?  Well, all of the ABOVE.  And Gwen Ifill said it best, paraphasing, "Newsweek had all their reporters go on this show and could not make a decision until MSNBC pulled the plug.  For all that time they were totally SILENT.  Then after MSNBC pulled the plug it made it better for the management to state not to go back on Imus' show".  Can we say, "BULLSHIT"!!  Newsweek, just lost me, totally.  You mean to tell me that they could not make a fucking decision over this scumbag?  Yes, scumbag.  Anyone making or having a sexist/racist converstation on live radio and TELEVISION, is a scumbag.  And because Imus is suppose to be this "hot beltway in the know person" that you wanted to play tap dance until someone else decided for you?  

    NEWSWEEK SUCKS, and just lost a customer...eom

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