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    this analysis was time consuming, but easy.  I did it on excel and just used excel graphics for the plots.  Deeper analysis would require more time and effort, especially if we wanted to do something like demena suggests.  The only organized effort likely to exist is probably within congressional staffers.  I don't have any knowledge of this.  not sure if we could organize a web-based group of part-timers, who all probably have day jobs, but i'd be willing to participate.

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      Xan, uniongal

      I tried to take on a task of this sort single-handedly last year and it's still in my proverbial inbox waiting for a very large chunk of time to process it.  At this point it may not even be possible if some of the needed information is no longer available.  

      What I should have done was set up a working group.

      The present task is significantly larger.  Ten points to you for taking it on single-handedly.  

      What we really need is some kind of funding that would enable paying people for their time on this stuff, ideally to establish an organization with both full-timers and regular part-timers working on cases, and volunteers.

      As far as I know the D party doesn't have something like this (yet) but needs it badly.  

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