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    I've been thinking the same thing all day.  This event, horrific though it is, PALES in comparison to the monstrousity wrought in our name in Iraq.

    This may be callous, but the only thing that will come of the massacre at V.Tech is the obfuscating of the Sadr withdrawl in Iraq, and Gonzo's testimony on the hill.  I guarantee you that the Whitehouse was very pleased that something this horrible just happened.  It will give Bush a temporary uptick (rally around the leader crap) and will knock the scandals off of the front page for the next several weeks or months.  

    The usual suspects will be called up to argue about gun control, the usual flame fests will ensue.  The Administration at V.Tech will be dancing in circles trying to spin their fuck up by not locking down the school earlier (no doubt to avoid bad press from another lock down).  The students will be buried with hearfelt and compassionate eulogies, and another 50,000 iraqis will be burnt, drilled, shotgunned, bullotholed and raped.  

    God Bless America.

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