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  •  I'm in shock, but I'm a professor (0+ / 0-)

    Today's events underline something that has bothered the professorship for some time.  We are on the firing line.  We never know when a student will kill us.  When I was in graduate school, a student went on a rampage and killed a bunch of math professors at Iowa.  One of my professors was married to one of the victims.  He was the chair of the department and was just doing his job when he was killed.  

    The professor today was just teaching the class and was the first one killed in the classroom.  I would be devastated if my students were killed in this fashion, and I'm devastated that so many young lives were wasted by a madman.  But I would like to point out that many teachers have been killed in the last 20 years, and everyone seems to think that's fine as long as we mourn the students.  Well, I'm mourning the professor who didn't deserve death for doing his/her job.  Professors are in a combat zone and they aren't getting paid for it.  These days, teachers really deserve combat pay.  Every professor knows that universities attract unstable people.  I have had a number of students who scared me very badly.  They were simply unhinged, and I never knew when one might kill me.  Something really needs to be done to protect those who teach, but universities are centers of scholarship and higher learning, not fortresses.  I would just like for us to think of the professor who was killed.  Teachers work hard for little pay, and it behooves us to appreciate this professor's sacrifice.

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