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View Diary: Montana Dems lead way against national ID (186 comments)

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  •  I don't understand (0+ / 0-)

    how you even began to address how a national id infringes on your personal liberties.  I hear so much about personal liberties without any actual justification that the term has almost lost all meaning to me.

    Presumably everyone here recognizes the need for government intervention at some level.  We're pretty much all in favor of environmental and corporate regulations.  We're pretty much all in favor of taxation, of social security.  We're pretty much all cognizant of the need for driver's licenses and restrictions on operating motor vehicles.  Hell, judging by the poll yesterday, we're pretty much all in favor of definite restrictions on gun ownership ... although I think anyone who feels the need to carry a concealed gun is batshit crazy.

    All of the above are completely accepted examples of government involvement in our basic daily lives, and the only people who would disagree with them are the worst of the worst Republicans this community is purportedly here to combat.

    Any civilized society requires certain concessions to personal liberties in order to secure greater societal liberties.  We can argue, obviously, how far those concessions should go but until you demonstrate to me how a national id card is such an abhorrent infringement on your civil liberties, above and beyond the basic concessions we all agree upon I will continue to view your position as typically libertarian claptrap, full of bluster and indignation and noticeably lacking in thoughtful inquiry.

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