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View Diary: Gonzo, How Does It Feel To Get Thrown Under the Bus? (Even if you were playing in the street) (96 comments)

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  •  Almost sorry for Republicans (1+ / 0-)
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    Demi Moaned

    The Republicans in Congress have little leverage to force Bush to do anything. No party in Congress (at least in my lifetime) has tied its fortunes more closely to the policies of its President.

    They are really in a jam.  There is no reason why Bush or Abu G should listen to them.  If the Democrats have a big killing in '08 they can just retire, write their memories in think tanks and insist that they were right and the Democrats were wrong.

    I suppose all the Republican who lose seats in congress '08 can do the same, but there will not be much demand for their self serving whimpering.

    I can almost, but not quite, feel sorry for them.

    One commentator said that watching Abu G. in the hearing yesterday was like watching a baby seal clubbed to death.  I can understand that view, but somehow I could not let his weakness provoke sympathy.  I was rather enraged at the chutzpa  of the Republicans of letting such a putz run the whole US Justice Department.

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