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View Diary: Flu stories: Pandemic planners urged to tap grass roots (24 comments)

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    Every disaster has shown that the dramatic devise used by Hollywood to make "disaster movies" is wrong.

    ...official planning incorrectly assumes the public will panic and create a "secondary disaster.

    Moving in the National Guard, rifles cocked was shown by the General in New Orleans to be a very bad strategy, and yet those in the planning bubble have bought the sceanerio, completely.

    If there is a disaster citizens are a lot more likely to be harmed by trigger happy, pumped, "authorities" trying to prevent a "secondary disaster" than by their neighbors and families.

    I am delighted to see this acknowledged.

    •  people become what they're told they are.... (1+ / 0-)
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      Granny Doc

      If we put across the message that citizens are smart and capable and can manage their affairs, they'll do that.

      If we tell people we expect them to panic, they'll do that instead.

      Adn if we tell people they're too stupid to make their own choices.. guess what happens?  

      Right now there is another diary up about FDA trying to regulate vitamins.  Talk about telling people they're too stupid to make their own choices.  Sheesh.  

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