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View Diary: Senator Whitehouse Busts Gonzales for Burying the DOJ Internal Investigation (251 comments)

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  •  Okay, those are possibilities. (4+ / 0-)

    But have they actually come to pass?

    What in fact is the OPR doing? If they are following their mandate, then investigating the USAs seems entirely reasonable (using the twisted reasoning of the AG and his cronies, that is).

    Saying that the President can bury the investigation is not the same as saying that it has in fact been done.

    Again I ask, what exactly is the OPR doing?

    •  We don't know because there is no oversight (5+ / 0-)

      or accountability outside of the DOJ and the White House and that is exactly why it is a problem that they have been chosen to take up the investigation.

      •  The problem, as outlined by Sen. Whitehouse . . . (6+ / 0-)

        . . . if I understood the diary, is that OPR is the wrong section of DoJ to handle this kind of investigation.

        It may be that this was done to confound the investigation, but I wonder if the handoff to OPR instead of the IG was to continue digging up dirt on the fired USAs. That would certainly help out the AG's case that the firings were justified if actual cause for termination could be found (because if even Sen. Graham is calling your evidence thin, you know you're in trouble!).

        Clearly there is a great deal of effort going into obfuscating this thing by the Administration, and the decision to call on OPR rather than the IG to  internally investigate the matter is suspicious - I just wonder if they're not trying to further sully the reputations of these prosecutors in the process. Certainly that would be more in OPR's ballpark.

        In any case, thank goodness for Sen. Leahy and Rep. Conyers and their big gavels.

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