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View Diary: Senator Whitehouse Busts Gonzales for Burying the DOJ Internal Investigation (251 comments)

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  •  I am going way off topic but (13+ / 0-)

    our Army/Guard is counting on our "Congress" to bring down Cheney/Bush/Rummy and Rice for their War Crimes and massive War Profiteering in Afghanistan and Iraq.  My Staff Sgt., National Guard son just extended last week, for the 2nd time, no re-enlistment, no bonuses! (his commander and Colonel begged him to stay on to train new recruits as so many of his troops that he took overseas did not re-enlist-they carried rifles but most were non-combat)  He wants to continue his 2nd career, 20 year National Guard plans but will not re-enlist until the Bushco Cabal is removed from office.  Reid was right about Iraq yesterday and some troops need to go back to Afghanistan and help the deserving citizens there!  The Republicans should not be allowed to "SPEAK" for our "GRUNTS" on the ground unless they or their children are in their shoes!  Rep. Murtha has represented the VAST majority opinion of our Army-Guards and what should have happened and needs to happen!   love, mjd

    •  Can't believe that I said "shoes" (7+ / 0-)

      They are "desert sand" colored boots. Our "boots on the ground"  are waiting for Cheneys corrupt business deals with Pakistan, Halliburton, KBR and Blackwater to be exposed to the American public and for our Congress to expose how over 5x times our tax payer dollars have been stolen. (just a few corrupt business examples)  Their War Crimes with renditioning/torture of innocent civilians (Cheney paid Taliban/Pakistan to turn in innocents) and Rummy bombing innocent civilian areas for expediency needs to be exposed.  What has demoralized our troops is watching parents keep their children away from our troops due to civilian bombings and due to massive War Profiteering against our troops and the people.  The missing security, services, supplies, food, equipment and especially infrastructure repair needs immediate congressional oversight and prosecution of the Bushco Cabal and their enablers.  I found it interesting that Bush went to Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday.  AMWAY, "Ponzi Scheme", capital of our country. (nothing against Grand Rapids, my nephew, wife and their baby girl live locally)   mjd

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