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    I'm just thinking that even what might seem like little things might help direct the debate into more "mainstream" channels.

    For instance (and believe it or not) I would like Democratic Congressmembers to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians. But I don't even know who are the Democratic Congressmembers who currently show the most sympathy, and who those are who might be most easily persuaded . . . or what might persuade them.

    If, say, a diary is posted about some horror like Palestinian women stopped and forced to give birth at Israeli checkpoints, maybe the diarist could include contact information for those representatives most likely to try to do something about it, even if it's only making noise.

    Or, if a diary decries American armaments sold and employed by the Israelis, contact information could be supplied for mainstream US organizations that work to retard US arms sales.

    Things like that. I know that for more esoteric, theoretical diaries, like your series on the one-state solution, a list of Congressmembers would be pretty much out of place. But I think a lot of the day-to-day diaries on the subject could easily include info providing a Democratic Party tie-in.

    For instance, when I read a diary about the forced-labor horror, it left me very upset, and I wanted to be able to do something. If the diary had included the addresses of some Democratic Congressmembers, you can be damn sure I would have written to them.

    Another thing that could happen is that people here could try to come to some sort of understanding of what the net-roots would like to require, in the way of I/P, of these people who want to be our Democratic candidate for president. We could try to come up with what would be basically a party platform position on I/P that we would like to see these people endorse. Sure, we'll probably all tear each other's hair out trying to come up with such a thing, but at least we'll be clawing away in the context of Democratic politics.

    Just some thoughts.  

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