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View Diary: Please Help Save Pretty Bird Woman House (157 comments)

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    Or, well, if you don't read the comments and bother to add up the check reports throughout, please add my check to your total before you calculate 5%!  (By the way, I can relate to donating out of savings.  It's just...important, isn't it?)

    Hmmm...come to think of it...I'm a little shy to post it here.  Please read the donor comments (I donated a small amount through ChipIn so I could comment) over on ChipIn to see how much I sent by check.

    Thanks for counting me--and for motivating me to DOUBLE the amount I had planned on sending at the last minute.

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      Whoa, I can't save a drowning person by going under myself. . . I don't have a job lined up or anything.

      $8321.30. . . 5% of that is $416.07.  I can manage that.  Good job, all!  I was hoping we'd hit five figures and put my donation over $500, but there are a lot of people suspicious of PayPal donating via check. . . which is reasonable and understandable.

      I'll probably mail my donation, myself. . . either way, consider it officially pledged.

      Instead of a fence in TX, why not make levees in NO and work with Mexico so living there doesn't suck??

      by Dragonchild on Fri Apr 27, 2007 at 09:59:14 PM PDT

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