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  •  Great questions, mcmom (2+ / 0-)
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    Particularly when you're trying to run a 24/7 shelter program, the costs are very high.

    I read what seemed to be part of a grant proposal posted on nbier's diary that described the program's goals. They have 501(C)3 status and have established a Board of Directors.

    The post states that their contract with the statewide domestic violence coalition ends next month and there are no more funds available. They have been turned down by the state for other grants because no new programs are being let in.  

    There can be many reasons for this, including time-limited start-up funds, general decline in funding for domestic violence programs, or that their small population (11,000) in a vast geographic area presents huge obstacles to sustainability.

    I've helped to start, volunteered in, and supported my local domestic violence program since 1978.  I'm so grateful for the support being shown here on DKos, and I hope that it will give this project the boost it needs to get over this hurdle and attract more resources.  But it's a long road and as you said, many hands are needed.

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