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  •  I put Garner (0+ / 0-)

    down because he was put in as an afterthought, set up to fail, and pulled off the stage so fast that it was obvious that the Bush Administration had not given any thought to the realities of the "post-victory" Iraq.

    In the public account of the war, it was one of the first signals that not all was as it seemed. Well, that and the rampant looting...with Rumsfeld shrugging as if that was just the way things go.

    This list could be four times as long. All the suggestions here are potent. My own thoughts are, among others:

    I think of the death of Sergio de Mello in a lightly protected UN Compound in 2003, the bombing of the little protected Holy Mosque at Karbala, the death of the 1000 unprotected Iraqis on the bridge coming from the festival, the Baker mission to Europe in the fall of 2003 to "raise funds" from our allies, the naming of Rice as "point person" on Iraq to absolutely zero effect, the parachuting of Chalabi into Iraq during of the invasion, the "show execution" of Saddam Hussein, the summary take down of Uday and Qusay Huseein instead of their arrest and capture, the "ethnic cleansing" of Fallujah, the gutting of the cultural and economic infrastructure of Iraq during the looting, the absolute failure to control the munitions and explosives of the Hussein regime, the claim that "we've found the WMD" that Bush made over the Botulin vial, etc. etc. etc.

    ad nauseum

    I wrote this piece to put pressure on Democrats to stand firm, and if anything, intensify our demands.

    The latest news from the Bush Adminisration, moving the goal posts for the surge well into 2008, should indicate that these guys are extraordinarily anti-Democratic.

    The election of 2006 was about a responsible and sensible change of course in Iraq that would bring our troops home.  Even our centrist candidates expressed this. (Jim Webb's speech in response to the SOTU)

    Bush Cheney have utter contempt for our Democracy and the will of the voters.  Will the Democratic party stand up to these bullies?  We did our part, it's time for Congress to do theirs.

    The full power of Congress must be brought to bear against this administration, and, imo, every Constitutional option must be on the table.

    This is an evolving political environment.  It's time to pressure on.

    k/o: politics and culture

    by kid oakland on Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 12:43:48 PM PDT

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    •  Kid, are you sending this to all the Dems in (0+ / 0-)

      Congress? I'll do NM. Maybe folks could each volunteer for their own states. It is really powerfull, especially that last: if they want to give you a free hand they could have voted for a republican (approximately).

      Impeachment? Only when some Rethugs aboard. Pelosi/Reid can only pass measures they have the votes for. Write/call all: 800-828-0498

      by samddobermann on Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 03:03:58 PM PDT

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