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  •  You know what scares (4+ / 0-)
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    me the most -- considering all the parts of the Constution that have been cancelled by the [Un]Patriot Act and making parts of it permanent that they said would expire after a time.  Sort of makes me think that WE are considered more of a problem than the people our government calls terrorists.

    These were the laws that allowed Americans to protect ourselves from our abuses of our own government.  The folks in Washington scare me far more than some so-called terrorist in a foreign country.  I know this site is to elect Democrats, but can't you see yet the major danger we confront is our own government, and this includes the Democracts?

    The problem is I have been at the beach for a week, and now I turn on the TV and see monkey boy smirking and the war not over yet.  This society is sick and sickening.

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