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  •  Only ACTIONS truly demonstrate STRENGTH. (5+ / 0-)

    I don't disagree with anything you (TAR) have said - these are all fine points in the favor of Democratic candidates.

    But all the flag-wrapped photo-ops in the world, all the endorsements from generals, all the images of past battlefield courage didn't give John Kerry an image of strength in 2004.  

    What he needed to do (and didn't), and what Democratic politicians need to do, to overcome the right's portrait of wishy-washy, flip-floppery, france-loving weakness was to DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP in the PRESENT.

    Past courage does not get you as many points as DEMONSTRATING PRESENT leadership and courage.

    When you are caught calling your opponents "crooks and liars", DON'T FREAKING BACK DOWN and APOLOGIZE the next day like some cowardly wimp!!!!

    Take STRONG CLEAR positions based on MORAL PRINCIPLES without focus-group testing every word and nuance.

    When big bad George Bush kicks sand in your face, don't BEG him to stop and cower cringing and whining. TAKE HIM ON and GIVE IT RIGHT BACK TO HIM.

    Democrats must show POLITICAL courage, like the mavericks (Webb and Tester, for example) who spoke plainly and won in 2006.

    Every time a Dick Durban speaks out against torture and finds his words twisted by the right wing attack machine, strong Democratic leaders MUST STAND BY HIS SIDE AND FIGHT!!!

    Every time a Harry Reid says the plain truth (like the "war is lost") and is viciously attacked by liars and thugs, he must STAND HIS GROUND (not fudge his meaning) and other strong democrats MUST STAND WITH HIM!!!  FIGHT BACK against the liars, slanderers, and blowhards!!!

    This is the way Democrats will overcome the image of weakness and cowardice, which they have created by their POLITICAL ACTIONS, not by their positions, words or past histories.

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