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  •  Hi, offgrid -- (0+ / 0-)

    I confess I did not pick up the snark at all, probably because I’ve been increasingly disturbed by these references to Iraq as not-a-war.  I have a relative on second deployment over there, and saying its not a war has just seemed like the weirdest possible mind game, a total denial of reality, and makes me upset every time I see it.  Your response, and responses on another diary yesterday, give me a better idea of where people are coming from, which I do appreciate.  I certainly agree that we should not use the term "War on Terror."  There is not and cannot be a "war" against a tactic; it sets up a permanent state of "war" that justifies extreme government measures; etc.  

    I still disagree with denying that there’s a war going on in Iraq, one which we are very much involved in.  However, I regret blasting the wrong person with that opinion.  I’ll try to take aim more carefully next time.

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