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    I don't know if word came down from on high to use the Republican frame of "surge" under all circumstances or what.  At one point this blog had been the successful launching pad of reframing Bush's escalation as, well, escalation.  Yet now everyone  with a name, including almost all front pagers, have reverted to the Bushco framing of "surge".

    Let me explain gain what' wrong with using the "surge" frame (which is, of course, why they adopted it.)  There are essentially two elements:

    1.  "Surge" suggests someting of extremely brief  duration, by inference to "power surges" which we are all familiar with, quick sudden flickerings.  We know that this so-called "surge" (escalation!) is now projected to last at least until roughtly the end of the year.  That's hardly brief.
    1.  "Surge" also plays into the ever-present theme of "one more big push to victory", that if we all paut our back into it for one big push, we can get the car out of the mud puddle and cruise down the highway to  "victory".  Well, a quagmire is not just a mud puddle.  There is no US military resolution to the Iraqstrophe.  We heard for months and months how  US forces needed to remain in Iraq to "prevent increased vioplence" "stop a bloodbath"  "prevent civil war".  As it happened, despite continued US preasence, all of the above happened anyway.  An argument could be fairly readily made that US presence ensured that those things would occur more than they precluded it.  Again, the one last big push frame is false, and those opposecd to Mr. Bush's Folly should not be ni the business of reinforing it.

    Please.  I know I'm just a very small marginal person here at dailykos, that's why I appeal to the big names, the front pagers etc, please please please stop using the Bushist frame, please call the escalation what it is:  ESCALATION.

    Those over 45 understand quite well why escalation is a much much better frame.

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