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    why keep spending time wrangling over appropriations bills the president says he wants, but then vetoes when he gets it?

    it's like cooking meals for a spoiled five-year old.  i want pizza! okay honey, here's your pizza.  no, i hate pizza! gimme mac-n-cheese!  sigh, here's the mac-n-cheese dear.  slimy old mac-n-cheese, i wanna hot dog!

    it can just go on and on.  at some point you have to just say they eat what you put in front of them or go hungry.  if you're smart, you do that right off the bat.

    meanwhile, congress can work on healthcare, minimum wage, etc etc. that the real do-nothing congress fell down on the job on.

    but more war appropriations?  uh, sorry, we already did one for this year.  what do you mean the president threw it out?  i guess he's SOL then.

    don't get me wrong, the title was just an attention grabber.  

    well, that and the way of the tao.

    l'audace! l'audace! toujours l'audace!

    by zeke L on Tue May 01, 2007 at 08:16:48 PM PDT

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