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    Senator Kerry, I think I can confidently generalize that Americans are fairly passionate about wanting this war to be over.

    In a democratic country we always tend to pay lip service to the notion of deferring to the will of the people.  In this case, the people are coming from a strong moral center.  Across the board they feel that it's irresponsible to place a war in the hands of a manager who has demonstrated his incompetence and inability to listen, and they are right to feel that way.

    The President does not seem to have much regard for most forms of congressional oversight, but he cannot fund this war by himself.  He must come to you, and this decision is in your hands.

    This is a rare instance when life hands a person a moment of unambiguous moral responsibility.  Simply put, you will not receive another opportunity to take this stand.  You in the Senate have a great opportunity to handle this grave matter once and for all, and in the process, help to restore some small amount of the lost moral authority of the government of the United States.

    Do not let us down.  Send the bill back to the White House.

    - To a conservative, a government official is basically an outspoken celebrity with a cushy job.

    by dspiewak2634 on Wed May 02, 2007 at 11:42:11 AM PDT

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