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  •  Please explain to me why this helps? (2+ / 0-)
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    Senator Kerry:

    Thank you for your response and update to your diary.  I understand your response, but I think you are missing a major point I was inadequately trying to make.  I read your entire diary and noticed the paragraph you quoted in your response.  Please understand that we get swamped with money requests all the time.  I just committed the largest sum I have ever made to the re-election fund of my democratic congressman.  I read that paragraph and asked how targeting 4 senators was going to help end the war now.  What is the strategy?  Are you trying to get a veto proof majority.  If so, how is scaring four senators enough.  If the purpose is to raise so much money in this quarter for the opponents of these 4 senators that in July when the quarterly fundraising figures come out, we scare all the Republicans up for re-election, I might be motivated to part with some additional money if you had explained this was your goal.  I wanted you to know that the way the diary was written, I had no feeling that the action requested would do anything to end the war now.   I wish you had been more precise on how targeting these 4 would have an impact sooner than 2008.  

    While not the topic of the diary, I would wish the Congress would pass a supplemental funding bill in the next week based on the vetoed bill.  Give the President a bill with no time tables or bench marks, but at 1/4 the current bill.  The President has insisted on the supplemental funding to pay for his war, so use it against him.   If he says he will veto a bill that gives him exactly what he wants (OK, he gets a deadline of running out of cash which he can't avoid, reinterpret, or use a signing statement on), next time send him the bill for 1/5 of the current funding.  The October deadline and the Republican's statement that give it till September are both addressed by giving the President 1/4 of what he wants.  Trying to make deals with the Republicans on benchmarks or trying to scare Republicans to support weaker bills, will not shorten this war.  Under NO circumstance should any Democrat now support any bill which funds the occupation of Iraq FOR ANOTHER YEAR.

    •  Okay, here (8+ / 0-)

      Say you're a repuke senator and you're voting a big fat FU to your constituents because you know you'll win next time.  No dems are on the horizon in 2008 and you can't give a crap less what the dems in your state think because you anticipate any easy walk into the job next time.

      THEN, you get a zillion e-mails from constituents and others who are stating that they just gave money to ANYONE who will run against you, because of your crap vote.  

      In other words, that non-existent dem opponent is now a pot of money waiting to attract a strong opponent.  

      Or folks are announcing they are financing that dem opponent you've been scoffing at, you know, the one that no one's ever heard of, that has no money . . .?

      And then you have to think, "Senator Scumbag (R)", you say to yourself, "maybe you should think twice about voting with the preznit when your seat isn't so safe anymore."  

      Does this help?

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