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    Filibuster if need be to force a veto-proof bill through that fund a phased withdrawal that has binding timelines to remove our forces.

    I have already been raising money through ActBlue targeting the vulnerable Sen. Gordon Smith here in Oregon, and will continue to do so.

    YOU Mr. Kerry, already have the power to stop this war. You have the power to filibuster and should have enough voted to sustain it. Shut it all down if need be. This is NOT the same situation where Gingrich tried to shut down the Gov. to force CLinton to accept a bad budget which most of the nation didn't support.

    This is about ending a war that is not only hugely unpopular, via holding this President to account and begin a phased withdrawal, which the majority of Americans support, but more critically will save lives (American troops and Iraqi civilians alike) and begin to mitigate the unprecedented damage this is doing to our nations position in the world, our military and the Constitution which they and you swore to defend.

    You have that power right now. Use it.

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