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View Diary: David Broder gives his definition of High Broderism (104 comments)

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  •  This is Digby's favorite part - (11+ / 0-)

    Mine too:

    Arlington, Va.: Hi David. Thanks for your column on the bipartisan outcome that nobody knows about. It's nice when we cooperate. With globalization, "high-end" scientific jobs will be subject to the same lowest-bidder competition as "low-end" manufacturing jobs. About the only work that can't go globally to the lowest bidder are jobs that must be performed locally, like babysitting and escort services. These may end up being the "high-end" jobs in the future.

    David S. Broder: I hope you are wrong. But I realize I am in one of those rare jobs that cannot easily be exported, and that is why I pay particular attention to efforts to keep other good jobs in the United States.

    If he doesn't think some guy sitting at a desk anywhere in the world (Glenn Greenwald is in South America I think) couldn't do his job and do it 10 times better, not only is he senile, but delusional too.

    This has been another edition of What Digby Says.

    That is one million percent truth-n-fact, moonbat!

    by calipygian on Fri May 04, 2007 at 02:55:36 PM PDT

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