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    emsprater, cpresley, brooklynbadboy

    I doubt that the actual canvasser knows who the client is.  This is someone who is offered minimum wage and given a sheet of paper with a script.  

    They do not have to divulge any information not on the paper, and their calls are monitored. Giving the information on the sponsor would mean she is risking her paycheck.  

    It seems that Hillary has little to gain and a lot to lose by doing what the diarist suspects that she is doing.  

    Without more evidence, I would put this episode in the category of rumor, uncertainty, and inside politics.

    Hey, maybe some of Hillary's opponents ferreted out the phone number of active bloggers who support the other candidates, just to plant such a rumor.

    It's as possible as the diarist's suggestions.

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      If Penn and Shoen deny it then we need to find out the facts.....

      put the money in the bag

      by nevadadem on Sat May 05, 2007 at 04:36:02 PM PDT

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